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When Is It Okay To Shred Any Business Record?

If you keep every single record of your business, then pretty soon you will have a lot of documents and records to keep and store. However, if you do not want too many records in your hands, then you can think about shredding them. But the important question you should ask is, “when should you shred them”? If you want to shred some records, then you first have to consider this 3 things about the record before shredding. There are actually many times when you can shred a record; but we will only mention 3 times when shredding is okay. Here, we will talk about 3 times when you can shred your records.

When a record is no longer in use, meaning, its period of limitation is over, then you can consider shredding it with shredder blades. When a record is still under period limitation, then you should never shred it because then that record will no longer be any use to you or your business; and this could be a really bad thing especially if the record is important. So if a record is pass its period limitation, this is the time when you can shred it and have less storage of paper records. This is one of the first times when shredding your records is okay.

But what about the records that do not have period limitation? You can wait for a month, and if they do not have any importance, then you can shred it. However, there are some important records that you must wait a year before shredding. If you are not sure if you should shred it in a month times or a year time, then you consider the importance of the record and how it can help you in the future. Shredding your records if fine if, after a month, you find still no use for it. So waiting a month or a year is important to consider when shredding records.

You can actually shred a record immediately, and that is if the record is highly secretive and should not be seen by others. If you have a personal, secretive record only for you, then you can shred it as soon as you read it so that nobody else can see it. You will feel at peace when you immediately shred secretive records with shredder blades, because nobody will be able to find and read it. So this is the third and final time when you can shred your business records that we will mention in this article; but, again, there are many other times when shredding your records is okay.